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Lead Generation Strategy 2021

Advance sales funnel for high Quality Leads Generation
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There are quite a few lead generation strategies I’ve tried back in the day. So, I would say your choice should be based on your industry, business type, and audience you are targeting. example, if you are working in SaaS sales, there are some must-try lead generation strategies for you – 5 Lead Generation Techniques For SaaS Businesses

As for me, there’s one tactic that has worked especially well. In a nutshell, it works like this:

  • Target

To start with, you will need a buyer persona (unless you already have it). Although be careful – there are certain mistakes most sales reps make when identifying their buyer personas (read more about it here – Creating Buyer Personas: The Biggest Mistakes)

Once you know who you should target, look up the accounts that meet your requirements. I used to rely mostly on LinkedIn or business listings like CrunchBase/AngelList, but you can pick any other platform that you see fit, e.g. Owler or Yelp.

  • Research

To make sure the prospects actually fit in with your buyer persona, do your research. To start with, you can simply google the person or browse through their social media profiles. Any information you can find, from the content they share to their background or interests, can come in handy.

Based on the data you collect, you can further segment the prospects into smaller, targeted groups and tailor your message accordingly for better performance.

Also, you should try to find the prospects’ contact data, including emails and phone numbers. Tools like 

“Name2email” or “Reply chrome extension” can help you do that.

  • Contact

Next, go ahead and contact the prospects. You can do so via social media, email, or even make a call right away. I personally prefer starting a conversation via email and there are several reasons for that:

  1. It is a non-intrusive method (unlike voice calls)
  2. It is considered a go-to medium for business communication
  3. It is easy to use at scale while keeping the communication personal
  4. It can be automated

If you are struggling to write a good cold email, I’ve shared some best practices (as well as proven templates) in my previous answers:

Pro tip: Before you reach out to a person try to build awareness first – comment or like the content they’ve shared on social media, get active in a group you both are members of, etc. The goal is to catch the prospect’s eye – if they remember you, they will be more likely to respond to your messages.

  • Follow up

As mentioned above, you can and should use different channels when trying to connect with the prospect. However, you shouldn’t bombard the prospect with emails, LinkedIn messages and phone calls all at the same time. A much better strategy is to include all of these channels as the steps of the same outreach sequence.

For example, here’s an example of a multichannel sequence we’ve been using at Reply lately:

As you can see, it includes an initial cold email as well as a number of follow-ups across different channels (completely automated using Reply platform).

  • Analyze and improve

Another benefit of using outreach automation software for lead generation is that it gives you tons of data so you can clearly see if your strategy is working or not and how to make it even better.

For example, if you analyze the bounce, open, and response rates for each of your emails within the sequence, you can easily pinpoint the problems with your campaign and make the corresponding changes.

Plus, it is also very easy to segment your audience and A/B test different templates or, for example, personalization options to see what works best for each prospect group.

That’s pretty much it.

Of course, there are certain best practices you should follow (as well as some pitfalls to avoid) if you want this strategy to work out as well as it did for me. You can learn more about the common mistakes of cold outreach here

BTW, I am regularly sharing my first-hand experience and pro tips on B2B sales and cold outreach – you are welcome to check out my previous answers (or follow me to get notified about future updates)!

Advertising Company Content creation digital marketing company graphics designing SEO Company UI/UX design Video Ads/ Graphics Designing

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Advertising Company Content creation digital marketing company graphics designing SEO Company UI/UX design Video Ads/ Graphics Designing

UI/UX for App. Success

UI/UX design is vital for an app’s success. This is the reason why app designers put lots of efforts to decorate the app with the perfect user interface. This attracts users and thus makes app more engaging. Here are certain factor that contribute in making an impressive UI/UX design.

A2C digital UI/UX design
A2Cdigital trending UI/UX design

 • Intuitive and familiar user interface.
 • Clarity and simplicity in interface.
 • UI should never gets stuffed with extra elements.
 • It should be highly responsive.
 • The user interface should be fully consistent.
 • It should be attractive and impressive.

To improve the UI you need to interact with a novice who interacts with your application, once you observe his moves and how fast or struggled he is; there on you need to plan to over come the flaws by improving the interaction between the end user and the application.

To improve UX for a better experience, you need to check how the end user completing his task without hassles, in the mean time if he comes across some issue, he must be aware or say he can guide self to over come the issue. Best UX is meant for self explanatory where the design will speak as per clients requirement.

digital marketing company

UX design

UX Design

UX is how a man feels when interfacing with a framework. This incorporates a web site, web application, desktop software and essentially any type of human/gadget interaction. In brief, “How people respond to what they experience”.

What makes a good UX Design
Essentially, UX is important since it tries to satisfy the user’s needs. It intends to give positive encounters that keep users faithful to the product/brand.

The best user experience practice originates from a profound information of purchaser personas. Organizations must have few features included to make a UX Design good; these are:

 • Useful: Your website should convey particular value to particular buyers.

Usable: The site should be explored on all gadgets.

 • Desirable: Your configuration must be appealing, insightful, and simple to take a look at.

 • Findable: Users should have no issues discovering key data through navigation and search.

 • Accessible: Your substance should be open to individuals with handicaps.

 • Credible: Your site needs authority and adequate quality of substance to be trustworthy.

User experience is a work of art of its own. You never can anticipate for certain how your site or application will be seen. What you can do is to arm yourself with the instruments to settle on educated choices about UX in the design process. However, by following these few features a good UX Design can be easily formulated.

A2Cdigital UX design

Advertising Company Content creation digital marketing company graphics designing SEO Company UI/UX design Video Ads/ Graphics Designing

5 simple steps you can help improve your UX !

In fact, here are 5 simple steps you can undertake to help improve the UX of your website:

 • Make it Faster. …
 • Focus on the Most Important Stuff First. …
 •  Up Text and Make it Digestible. …
 • Keep The Visuals Elements Consistent. …
 • Focus On Helping People Find What They’re Looking For.

 • Here are 7 web design tips for improving your website’s UX:

 • Allow white space.
 • Improve page speed.
 • Create appealing calls to action.
 • Use bullets.
 • Choose original images.
 • Write targeted headlines.
 • Stay consistent.

Focus on These 6 Elements to Improve The Look & Feel of Your Website!

 • Purpose. …
 • Audience. …
 • Keep the layout simple! …
 • Choose a color theme. …

Choose imagery that reflects the user or has context for the text on the page.

Choose typography that compliments the mood of the website.

Not Many People Know What It Takes To Succeed.

Advertising Company Content creation digital marketing company graphics designing SEO Company UI/UX design Video Ads/ Graphics Designing

What makes a good UI/UX design ??

Making a great UI/UX design is not at all a cakewalk and requires a lot of thoughtfulness and master plans. Apart from delivering an appealing representation of the website, it becomes necessary to offer an easy interface as well where users can find the relevant services in a hassle-free manner. Well, here are I am sharing the major components that make a great UI/UX design.

A2C digital UI/UX designs
A2Cdigital New trends 2021

 • Colors: Color plays a direct impact on grabbing the customer’s attention right away. A great design will set the mood of the visitors in a very subjective and emotive way. Using the right colors will create the intended atmosphere that draws the customer’s attention.


 • Typography: A great design works upon seamless typography, which comes up in various forms such as- typography as content, typography as interface, and typography as branding.


 • Imagery: Images come up in various styles- illustrations, shapes, 3D renderings, photography which helps in impressing your customers. A great design usually works upon two kinds of imagery- contained imagery (imagery happens in the form of grid or frames) and immersive imagery (in which imagery occurs as a design element in itself).

 • Icons: A great design comprises of icons for showcasing visual interests and recognizability. Icons will portray a visual representation of an element which is relatively realistic.

Advertising Company Content creation digital marketing company graphics designing SEO Company UI/UX design Video Ads/ Graphics Designing

User interface Design

User Interface Design in Information Technology refers to the design of the user interface for software or applications. It’s about programming the look of things, with a view to facilitating usability and the user experience.

In simple terms, a user interface is the features of a device or an application that allow a user to interact with it. Let’s say you are filling a company’s contact form on a website, your user interface, in this case, would consist of a text box, a drop-down list, a radio button and any other component which would allow you to enter your data into the company’s system.

The remote control of a TV can also be thought of as the user interface, as it provides a set of command which allow the user to interact with the TV.

UX Design, in short, this is a comprehensive approach to user interaction with the interface, be it a website, a mobile application, or any other program.

Every website, software, or web application has an important component of HCI- Human-Computer- Interaction. Thus, the success of such systems is primarily pegged on how the users perceive it in terms of usability, accessibility, and performance among a myriad of other factors.

UX designers therefore study, analyze and evaluate a website and enhance it in terms of performance, ease of use, perceived value to users, utility, and efficiency and so forth, creating a superior User Interface Design as per your business goals and consumer needs by:

Formulating a strategy that matches your goals to the needs of the users
Developing web-systems that are perfectly matched to the functional specifications of your business and content preferences for the target consumers
Creating a unique web structure based on the desired information architecture as well as the trends and flow of users on your website.
Relying on a bedrock of highly-responsive and interactive web designs to create inspiring user interfaces.
Employing the very best in creativity to build aesthetically-pleasing visual displays.

A2C digital

Advertising Company Content creation digital marketing company SEO Company UI/UX design Video Ads/ Graphics Designing

UI/UX design

UI and UX are abbreviated as User Interface design and User Experience design. It is important for both of them to work closely together as both are crucial for a product.

User experience involves all different aspects of human interaction (practical, experiential, affective) and persons perception such as use, utility and efficiency.

User Interface main goal is to allow effective operation and control of machines from human end.

A good UI/UX depends on the type of site you are creating. If you are creating a blog site or news site, your site should have valuable content and it should be readable rather than being attractive.

There are certain principles to build a good UI/UX. Few principles are –

  1. People scan websites rather than reading

Many readers scan through the website rather than reading. It is no doubt that infographics are used to make content more scanable. Making your interface scannable will make it easy for today audience.

  1. Long Lasting

It is never outdated as it avoids being fashionable. In contrast with fashionable design it has a long shelf life in today’s society.

  1. Consistency

Consistency is the basic and the foremost fundamental principle while making a product. The purpose of consistency is to reduce user’s learning cost, user’s cognitive costs and probability of misuse.

A2C Digital Marketing Company

Advertising Company Content creation digital marketing company SEO Company UI/UX design Video Ads/ Graphics Designing

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How do we create Web 2.0 backlinks that actually work for SEO?

link building is a “True Weapon” of SEO. Sites wishing to rank top is simply made easy to rank higher in SERP with Link Building.

Your first step is to give your company a social presence is to get relevant web 2.0 sites as possible. This step will help guide people to more resources on your offerings while providing a more comprehensive and, therefore, authoritative footprint online.

At the very least, every company should complete the following :

  • A Google My Business page
  • A Facebook page
  • A LinkedIn profile
  • A Twitter account
  • A Pinterest account
  • Alexa page link (requires a paid account)
  • A TripAdvisor page

A nifty tool, which automatically checks for a username’s availability on all major social networks. This will provide you with a checklist of where you can still create profiles in preparation for web 2.0 link building. When creating your social media profiles, be sure to add relevant information about your business and a link to your homepage or an appropriate landing page. In most cases, a naked URL is your only option. But on networks like Facebook, you can create an actual “Call To Action” button that sends users straight to your site.

Include at least 100 words on what your business does and what sets it different from others. You can also utilize unique website features, such as Facebook “milestones”, to tell your brand’s story in a more engaging and relatable way.