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What makes a good UI/UX design ??

Making a great UI/UX design is not at all a cakewalk and requires a lot of thoughtfulness and master plans. Apart from delivering an appealing representation of the website, it becomes necessary to offer an easy interface as well where users can find the relevant services in a hassle-free manner. Well, here are I am sharing the major components that make a great UI/UX design.

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 • Colors: Color plays a direct impact on grabbing the customer’s attention right away. A great design will set the mood of the visitors in a very subjective and emotive way. Using the right colors will create the intended atmosphere that draws the customer’s attention.


 • Typography: A great design works upon seamless typography, which comes up in various forms such as- typography as content, typography as interface, and typography as branding.


 • Imagery: Images come up in various styles- illustrations, shapes, 3D renderings, photography which helps in impressing your customers. A great design usually works upon two kinds of imagery- contained imagery (imagery happens in the form of grid or frames) and immersive imagery (in which imagery occurs as a design element in itself).

 • Icons: A great design comprises of icons for showcasing visual interests and recognizability. Icons will portray a visual representation of an element which is relatively realistic.


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