User Interface Goals

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About UI/UX

UI and UX are abbreviated as User Interface design and User Experience design. It is important for both of them to work closely together as both are crucial for a product.

User experience involves all different aspects of human interaction (practical, experiential, affective) and persons perception such as use, utility and efficiency.

User Interface main goal is to allow effective operation and control of machines from human end.

A good UI/UX depends on the type of site you are creating. If you are creating a blog site or news site, your site should have valuable content and it should be readable rather than being attractive.

There are certain principles to build a good UI/UX. Few principles are –

  1. People scan websites rather than reading

Many readers scan through the website rather than reading. It is no doubt that infographics are used to make content more scanable. Making your interface scannable will make it easy for today audience.

  1. Long Lasting

It is never outdated as it avoids being fashionable. In contrast with fashionable design it has a long shelf life in today’s society.

  1. Consistency

Consistency is the basic and the foremost fundamental principle while making a product. The purpose of consistency is to reduce user’s learning cost, user’s cognitive costs and probability of misuse.