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You might heard from your client or boss that how you relate to SEO tools and how perfect you are on these tools, because everyone knows that SEO is tough and never gives 100 result.

But, our intention is not to declare that all SEO tools are inaccurate. But there are Suitable to analyze, compare and research about your business strategy, how you deal with it get accuracy.

Here are below mentioned tools are major key player in the SEO Market and almost the winner of their Segment –

Ranking are given below are as per the our team research and analysis.

We setup the test.

We took three main metrics for comparison across tools:

  1. Linking root domains.
  2. Domain organic keywords ranking 1-10 in U.S. search.
  3. Estimated monthly search traffic.

The following Ranking shows what each tool reported for root domains:

1. MOZ.




5.Mangool Link Miner.



MOZ reported the higher number of root domain as compared to others.

In tests like this, more data is always better than less.

The quality of root domains linking to the domains are more Stronger because strong backlink profiles correlate with ranking potential.

So, if you willing to Rank your site against your competitors, it’ll be an added benefit to know if the tool you’re using reports a lower or higher number than other tools.


By A2C digital

A2C DIGITAL is a strategic Digital Marketing Agency based in Ranchi. Since 2020, we’ve dedicated our time to understanding what works and what doesn’t when it comes to brand acceleration and innovation — so you don’t have to.

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